Summary of what we got up to!

Detailed information can be found on my website.  Brief rundown is below, I hope you enjoy all the photos!

March 2012 – I really wanted to do something special for my 30th so we booked a 10 night trip to Kenya, a week on the beach and three days on Safari with a private van.  The two lodges we stayed in were amazing and we might not have seen the big 5 but we had the experience of a life time.  One of the highlights was our visit to the elephant orphanage at Ithumbaa.  As I had sponsored an orphan we were able to meet the keepers and see the babies being fed.  I never thought I would be blase about seeing a heard of elephant but we literally saw so many we couldn’t stop for them all.  Something we will definitely do again!

June 2013 – Kenya was supposed to be our big trip for 2012 but I was so sad about not going back to the Maldives that the hubby relented when I found a great deal to Reethi Beach.  I knew others who had been to this island and it completely exceeded our expectations.  It’s really paradise and within a week of coming home we had booked a return visit, something we have never done before.  We stayed on a B&B basis, something not often recommended for the Maldives but it suited us really well.


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