This must be underwater love….

I thought I would write a few words about my love of what lies beneath the waves!  The first time I ever snorkeled was back in 2009 during our trip to Cuba.  After (eventually) getting the hang of it I thought it was wonderful, a five minute walk along Playa Esmerelda brought me to a rocky outcrop which yielded a number of new species and I was spell bound.

That same summer I bought my first reef tank and started reading up about Coral Husbandry and different fish species.  I became a poster on the Ultimate Reef forum and came across a group trip to Dahab in Egypt for newbies to learn how to dive and I signed up.

Diving, didn’t and still doesn’t come naturally to me.  I’ve only just ticked over 30 dives and I seem to have a bad experience every time – being sick at depth, really rough seas, bad currents……..  However, every moment under the sea is special to me.  It’s pure escapism, the fish don’t care if you are overweight, have a few spots or are struggling to keep your grey under control.  Being insignificant sometimes is the most peaceful feeling in the world.  This one hour or so window into this colourful fish soup creates memories that last a lifetime and I’ve been fortunate to dive in some of the warmest and most colourful places in the world!

ImageIt’s not just diving that tickles my fancy, snorkeling floats my boat too.  The freedom to just get in and out of the sea when you want and not having to lug heavy kit around makes up for not being able to get down to eye level.  I have always loved the shallows, the corals are much more colourful and the shoals of redtooth trigger fish can keep me amused for hours.

If I won the lottery I would most definitely make it my job to snorkel around the world!  I think had my life panned our differently I could have been a snorkel guide somewhere warm and tropical!

Where I have dived – Dahab & Marsa Alam (Egypt), South Ari Atoll (Maldives), Baa Atoll (Maldives), Watamu (Kenya)

Where I have snorkeled – Cuba, South Ari Atoll, Baa Atoll, Marsa Alam

For 2014 I am hoping to do do some more diving in Thailand when we visit and I know there may be another trip to the Maldives on the horizon so I can spend hours lazily snorkeling with my husband!


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