This was one of my first ideas when I was brainstorming over what I should and could be writing in my blogs to keep my followers amused, and maybe a little educated!  So, I came up with #Fishfriday, that’s me sharing a little bit of info on my favourite reef fish, and showing you some pictures too.

The first candidate for #fishfriday is my favourite fish of all time, the magnificent Emperor Angel Fish (Pomacanthus Imperator).  They can grow up to 40cm in length and are usually seen alone or in pairs.  They like areas of rich coral growth and I have seen them both snorkeling and diving, at depths of up to 30+m!  They can be found in the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea, but seem to be more common in the former.  Juveniles have a completely different pattern to the adults and interestingly, juveniles that are raised in captivity often do not fully morph into their adult colours.

Here are some pictures of the adult:

I’m afraid I don’t have any of my own pictures of a Juvenile so I borrowed one from my good friend Google for illustration purposes!


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