#Fish Friday 2 – The Oriental Sweetlips

It’s that time of the week again, so time for me to share another of my fishy friends with you!

Today, I am writing about the Oriental Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus vittatus).  A fish common in the Indian Ocean, particularly in the Maldives.  It can grow up to 50 cm and is often seen in small groups, it is a nocturnal hunter.

According to Maldivian legend, there was once a heron too proud to eat anything but the most beautiful fish in the sea – the Oriental Sweetlips, but it lived too deep for the heron to catch and he wasted away.

As with my number 1 fish, the juvenile sweetlips also displays an incredibly different pattern to its adult counterpart and are very shy, making them difficult to spot.  I found my fist juvenile sweetlips last summer, and here is a photo to prove it!


Here are some adult photos collected over the past few years!


I am sure you will agree it’s a very striking fish!


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