Belated #Fish Friday 3 – Masked Porcupine Fish (Puffer)

This fish is probably number 1 on my husbands favourite fish list so I thought it would make a nice subject for FF3!  The latin name for this fish is Diodon Liturosus.


These cute guys can group up to 50cm in length and are very shy, often hiding under under corals and between rocks, they are present in both the Indian Ocean and also the Red Sea.  In the few times I have seen them, they seem to be more adventurous in the late afternoon/early evening and are often accompanied by other reef fish.  The fish in my photo above seemed to be best friends with a rather colourful moon wrasse!



In a similar way to regular pufferfishes, the porcupine fish can quickly swallow water in order to inflate itself and make it’s spines stand on end.  It’s also poisonous so has a nice array of defense mechanisms.  In some countries porcupine and puffer fish are caught to demonstrate to tourists how the fish inflates.  This is not beneficial for the fish and they can die if unable to deflate properly, please don’t encourage this practice!




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